30 Days Of Giveaways: Rome Bindings and Boots


The Shred Remains in these ultra-comfortable boots and bindings.


One of the most influential heavy metal records of the 20th century was Black Sabbaths’ Mob Rules. It was on this record that Ronnie James Dio really let his golden vocal chords out of the bag.  It brought on a whole new sound. Years later, Rome is here to give you their Mob bindings which rule just as hard! You can’t go wrong with this snug ankle strap and fitted toecap! Dio would be proud!

The bodega is a crucial part of any modern city.  Without the local corner store, where are you supposed to get candy, soda, or chips? The Rome Bodega boots are that important. Keep your feet satisfied in these ultra-comfortable, freestyle boots.

Rome Mob Bindings
Rome Mob Bindings
Rome Bodeaga Boots
Rome Bodeaga Boots

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