The Best Lift Ticket Deal In The World?

Maine's Spruce Mountain. Photo: Phil Poirier
Maine's Spruce Mountain. Photo: Phil Poirier

A reader, Alexi Deering, wrote us an e-mail about her local hill in Jay, Maine called Spruce Mountain. She said, “I<3 your mag! & I <3 shredding! I go 4 days a week at this little hill in our town. It’s pretty much the best thing ever, there’s never any lift lines, since all we have are tow ropes, and whenever you go it’s a safe bet you’ll know people.”

After writing a couple volumes of resort guides you’d think we’d have heard of every lift and tow in the country, but this one slipped past us. Here’s the deal, it’s a “reasonably priced, volunteer-run resort.” It has nightriding, snowmaking, three rope tows up to 300 vertical feet, eleven trails, and some rails and jibs to get loose on. The best part? At seventeen bucks for a lift ticket and a buck for a grilled cheese, it’s cheaper than going to the movies.

Nonprofits like this little breeding ground for radness are feeling the pinch,  according to Alexi, “The mill in town use to always pay for the power, but the mill shut down last winter.  So any suggestions to keep the our small town/hill shred scene alive?” Let’s see, any ideas out there?