Live Alive: My Morning Jacket

Flying-V guitars will always be badass. PHOTO: AH
Flying-V guitars will always be badass. PHOTO: AH

“Rock and roll is dead.” Everywhere you go and every critic you read, this tends to be the current theme. The complaints are generally the same: The gods have faded. The icons have fallen. Most importantly, the live experience has been distorted beyond saving. People have apparently accepted that the once-sacred connection between artist and fan has become little more than an exchange of dollars—a musical pyramid scheme of human emotions.

Hyperbole really isn’t lost on these poor souls—shit’s bleak, huh? Why they may have some merit (no one can deny that rock has changed in the past ten, twenty years), these old bitches are kind of missing the point…

They’re going to the wrong shows.


My Morning Jacket, the genre-defying, vastly popular (semi-)undergound rock band from Louisville, Kentucky, will melt even the most righteous self-made anthropologist’s mind. Opening their US tour in San Diego last week, Jim James and company created an intimate trade between audience and stage, and once the vibe was right, proceeded to rock the f—k out of the place. Jumping from seasoned, finger-picking blues-soul to dark and driven, metal-tinged rock and roll (merged with every kind of extended jam in-between), the band held the Ampitheater for three straight hours, without a dull moment to be had—an incredible feat during this “15 seconds of ME” music generation.


Check them out at, and then find some way to experience it all for yourself.
The next time MMJ stops by your town, take the ride; they guys are on a roll, and it’s hard not to get sucked in.


Setlist 8/11/2010
1. Tonite, I Want To Celebrate With You
2. Golden
3. Master Plan
4. Gideon
5. Off The Record
6. Lay Low
7. O Is The One That Is Real
8. Nashville To Kentucky
9. Wonderful (The Way I Feel)
10. Lowdown
11. Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Pt.1
12. Highly Suspicious
13. Evil Urges
14. Dondante
15. I’m Amazed
16. Mahgeetah
17. Smokin From Shootin
18. (end of) Run Thru
19. Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Pt.2
20. Wordless Chorus
21. Circuital
22. Steam Engine
23. One Big Holiday

It’s been said that bands can be defined by whatever places, situations, or favors make them better.
Is it possible to make weed-whiskey? Because listening to MMJ is definitely worth the good sauce.